Ernesto Artillo

Ernesto Artillo

Now these disciplines inform his collage, and utilizing them together allows an indulgence in his mania to bring order to everything. In this personal work his main interest is image as a form, using fashion strictly as a pathway for creating new concepts.

Currently Ernesto works at Tenmag, a Spanish magazine following global trends. Using his skills with the camera and with words, he focuses on fashion editorials. Apart from his work with the magazine, Ernesto collaborates with famous fashion brands Dolce & Gabbana, and others such as Rabeneda. He is published in several magazines and has exhibited his art in Sevilla. At the moment he is preparing new collections with fashion brands, designing costumes for a dance performance, and prepping a new exibiition of his art.

Ernesto's creativity continues to expand. Once again utilizing form and function, he mixes media achieving unique, modern and classic lamp designs. Not wanting to be limited specifically to design as well, but strengthening his interest in wordplay, he has recently completed his first short film script, titled "Hola, te quiero", which is currently in development.

In his spare time he enjoys dancing flamenco and hosting his friends for dinner.