Yamandu Roos

Yamandu Roos
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Amsterdam, born june 28th 1978

In that same period, during high school, I met Femi Dawkins a Jamaican artist living and working in Amsterdam. He and his wife Anna showed me more about being an artist and stimulated me to further research..to trust my eye, and to go for it. Eventually this led to going to art school.

I often through the meaning of photography try to observe, allowing only the inhuman eye to capture what the heart sees. Wherever I am people and their surroundings fall subject to this third eye. Different places and faces have the ability to transform day-to-day living in an environment into the fuel of my imagination.
Inevitably friends, landscapes, objects and people from around the world, are captured in distinct life moments shaping the outcome of my images. At times I find detecting the intent of a visual display can become a greater task than registering the sound of a grand hello or an offensive goodbye.